Practice Togetherness
In A World of Separation


To breathe is nearly a radical act today.

Imagine a world where we come together as a community to practice staying mindfully present, as well as explore what’s hard to experience in our times. We envision what it means to hold the high watch together, mindfully turning toward our highest selves, rather than polarizing toward separation due to fear or hurt.

We collectively believe that waking up is hard to do,
yet what is necessary now.
Gather & Study with us for the

What Is The #MindfulHighWatch2020?

In today’s stormy seas, we offer a 2-part series that includes two distinct mindfulness experiences.

A Time to Gather and a Time to Study.

Get grounded with ancient practices:

Engaged Activism

Build our collective ability to share compassion, cultivate tolerance and even allow civil disagreement. Our present heartfulness and active listening connect us. Dignity and decency hold us. Witness our inner journey and that of those around us.

Sit courageously.
Radically choose not to run away.
This is all about checking-in versus checking out.

Come to one, some or all of the Time to Gather for the next 8 weeks.  In our talk show format, hear from thought leaders, civic activists, and real people who realize that as we wake up, we must take action.

Commit to the 6-week Time to Study. Establish a vibrant, nourishing foundational mindfulness practice into your daily life.


The #
Watch2020 Experiences

Join us for A Time to Gather or A Time To Study. Or both!

A Time
To Gather

The Gathering Experience


Weekly Fireside Chat Show

Special Guest #ActionTaker
Mindfulness + High Watch meditation

Emotional Check-in

  • 8 Week Mindful Community Check-in
  • 8 Talk show/interview format - 60 mins
  • Every Thursday, 7pm - 8pm
  • Starts OCT 8 through DEC 3
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A Time
To Study

The Mindful Way Of 
Being Human 101 Mindfulness & Heartfulness Training Program


Each week builds upon the prior
Establish these practices into your daily life
Ancient teachings and modern neuroscience
Emotional intelligence, resilience, and attention training techniques

  • 6-week practical learning experience
  • Commitment required for all 6 sessions
  • Every Wednesday, 7pm - 8:15pm
  • Starts OCT 28 through DEC 2
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*Tight on funds? Request scholarship info at [email protected] 

No one turned away who wants to join us.

Collaborative Co-Creation between
The Mindful Entrepreneur
& Awareness Into Action


Radio host and start-up coach Suzanne Jewell, a.k.a., The Mindful Entrepreneur, has collaborated with the Miami social impact organization Awareness Into Action to bring you this powerful two-part experience of #MindfulHighWatch2020.

 The Mindful Entrepreneur & Awareness Into Action are committed to supporting the emotional wellbeing of aware action takers in today’s world. We seek to provide tools to support how we wake up and pay attention to what matters most now.


Meet Suzanne Jewell, The Mindful Entrepreneur

Suzanne Jewell, CEO of The Mindful Entrepreneur is former global TV executive turned mindfulness teacher because the practice saved her life. Through awareness during a 3-day migraine, she sensed something wasn’t “right” in her bodily experience, heading to the ER, where a small, 2mm unruptured aneurysm was detected. Grateful to be alive, she lives by the mantra, #WokeUpAboveGround.

Want to work with Suzanne? Drop her a direct note here.

The Mindful Way

Completing a 2-year training with UC Berkeley called MMTCP, Suzanne has created:

  • The Mindful Way of Being Human 101
  • The Mindful Way of Leadership & Resilience
  • The Mindful Way for Kids

All Suzanne’s work incorporates her emotional intelligence, mindfulness, resilience and heart-rate variability training to those who practice with her. She believes that it is more important than ever how we live, work, create, and play today in a mindful way.

Meet Awareness Into Action

Awareness Into Action is a Miami-based 501 (c)3 social impact organization whose vision it is to bring “awareness into action”. Their values are Awareness, Truth, Growth, Healing, Love, Service and Kindness, which they engage through their mission, “we are an inspired, kind and loving community promoting growth and social change for the good of all”.

We believe that mindful awareness leads to authentic action. If you’re searching for inspiration, connection, and the opportunity to proactively engage in your community, consider being part of one of our programs or initiatives. We’re creating a safe space to learn how to embody kindness through service. Join us as we move towards a kinder, more responsible world.

Time to Gather

A Time To Gather invites you into our circle. Gather with us starting October 8th through December 3rd. 7pm Special guests are thought leaders across mindfulness, social justice and philanthropic spaces making bold moves in the mayhem of this moment.

Be uplifted. Get inspired. Practice mindfulness.

Hold the High Watch

Practice modern meditations that will ground you in the present moment, as well as help you experience basic ancient mindfulness techniques.

Community & Connection

Join mindfully curious beginners and long-time sitters.  Co-create a refuge in one another’s heartful presence. Mindful community here engages actively with what it means to wake up, pay attention, on purpose, in the moment

Weekly Emotional Check-in

How are you? What is alive & arising for you? What is your rose? What is your thorn?

The #MindfulHighWatch2020 Experiences

Time to Gather

Weekly Fireside Chat Special Guest with an #AwareActionTaker
Emotional Check-in
Practice holding the High Watch & Community Updates

Time to Gather Agenda:

Week 8 Fireside Chat:
Urban Sustainability - How to Move From Surviving To Thriving

  • 7:00 – 7:10 Introductions, Mindful Moment to Arrive, Agenda Overview 
  • 7:10 – 7:15 Check in, the Rose & The Thorn Practice
  • 7:15 – 7:25 Mindful High Watch Practice
  • 7:30 – 7:45 Featured Fireside Chat Guest
  • 7:45 – 7:55 Q & A
  • 7:55 – Closing Practice, Wrap the session
  • 8:00 – End

Week 8 Fireside Chat Special Guest
Phillip E. Bacon

Chicago native and longtime South Florida resident Phillip E. Bacon combines years of economic and real estate development expertise to create blueprints for local & regional prosperity. He’s worked on several impactful projects in some of Floria’s most disinvested communities prioritizing housing and establishing small businesses. As the President of Urban Philanthropies in Overtown, he helps lead their non-profit Community Capital Corporation, spearheading programs for entrepreneurship as well as provide financial resources to non-profits in need of short-term capital.


Time to Study

We invite you to study and learn The Mindful Way of Being Human 101

  • Create a committed practice for six weeks
  • Based on ancient teachings and modern neuroscience
  • Each week builds on the week prior
  • Learn the basics like breathing & body scan
  • Dive into the more advanced from lovingkindness to emotions
  • Each session is 75 mins long

Sit With The Jewell

A corporate resilience and emotional intelligence trainer, completing a two-year mindfulness meditation training program with UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, Sounds True and Buddhist psychologists Tara Brach, PhD. and Jack Kornfield, PhD., Suzanne is also certified in HeartMath techniques. A start-up coach at Babson College’s WIN (Women Innovating Now) Lab, she is The Mindful Entrepreneur and host of the radio show Mindful Mornings Miami, where she interviews guests like Deepak Chopra, neuroscientists and NYTimes bestselling authors like Sharon Salzberg (Lovingkindness)and Elizabeth Gilbert (Pray.Love.)

Learn The ABCDs of Mindfulness

Thousands of evidence-based research studies now confirm these ancient practices can benefit everything from present moment awareness to focus issues to stress management. Start with the basics, like how your attention + breath can help you to calm your distraction. Practical takeaways are Suzanne’s expertise, like the PBS (Pause.Breathe.Smile) as well as her beloved Anti-anxiety Breath Practice. Beginners will feel welcome and experienced practitioners will appreciate the refresh with a twist, “Jewell-style”.


Learn To Breathe
Calm your Nerves

Anxiety highjacks your nervous system and your state of mind.

The Jewell’s beloved Anti-Anxiety Breath helps.

  • 6 seconds breathe in through the nose.
  • 1 second let the breath gently circulate inside.
  • 8 seconds of exhalation , pursing your lips.
  • 10 cycles of 6-1-8 anti-anxiety breathing slows your roll.